Shareholder and Co-Director Insurance


Included in all of our Shareholder Agreements as standard is provision for the company to deal with the sudden loss of a shareholder through death or illness. In the vast majority of cases this can have a negative and destabilising effect on a business. As a result, we have a clause in our agreements that places an onus on shareholders to arrange cover for such an event.

Co-Director or Shareholder insurance is put in place to trigger a lump sum to be paid out in the event of either of the above eventualities. The funds are made available to enable the surviving directors/shareholders to purchase the shares of the unwell or deceased party, thus ensuring stability in the company.

This insurance can be taken out at any point during the life of a company, with a premium being paid based on the shareholder and the value placed on their shares. At, we would be delighted to introduce our strategic partner who can provide this type of cover at a competitive rate. If you require the same, simply call us on 01-2405277 or email