Shareholder Agreement


Our Shareholder Agreement service costs €600+VAT and includes the following sections as standard:

  1. Interpretation
  2. Constitution of the company
  3. Undertakings & Warranties
  4. Management of the Company and Board 
  5. Deadlock
  6. Pre-emption rights on issue of shares
  7. Pre-emptions rights on transfer of shares
  8. Death of a shareholder
  9. Events of default
  10. Fair Value
  11. Drag Along Rights
  12. Restrictive Covenants
  13. Assignment
  14. Notices
  15. General

If you require substantial changes to our standard Shareholder Agreement or you need to add in additional clauses, further fees will apply and will be agreed with you in advance. Please see our blog

If you wish to order a Shareholder Agreement, just complete the fields below, make payment and our company secretarial professionals will be in touch shortly to go through your application.


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2 Step 2
  • List the parties to this agreement and their respective shareholding in the company including share class if different: