Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process?
Simply click ‘Get Started’ on the home page or contact a member of our team.
How long does the process take?
Once an online form or enquiry is made we will get back to you the same or next working day and will typically take 24 hours to produce a draft following a consultation.
What is the process for drafting up an Agreement?
Once the online questionnaire has been completed, a member of our team will be in touch for a more detailed consultation and to confirm any queries raised. Following the consultation a draft of the agreement is prepared for review based on the requirements of your company for approval.
What is the Consultation for?
To confirm general details, tease out any specific elements you would like included in the Agreement, to get an understanding of the company and industry standard and to ensure every part of your company is covered.
How many shareholders do I need?
We would recommend a minimum of two shareholders, regardless of personal relationship should have an agreement in place. We can of course accommodate large amount of shareholders or single shareholder companies planning investment. Having more than five shareholders pricing may vary.
What is the Company Constitution?
The Company Law document that governs the powers of the Company.
What is a Fundamental Dispute?
A dispute between shareholders where no agreement or voting majority is reached.
What are Restricted Transactions?
Sometimes shareholders may want to restrict what shareholders can do, for example enter into contracts on behalf of the company or apply for loans.
What is a Clause of Non-Competition?
A clause put in place to ensure common investors do not set up in direct competition to each other for a specific time period.
What are Drag and Tag rights?
A clause governing the sale of the company with the idea of balancing inclusion and monetary gain of all shareholders.
What is Non-Financial Equity?
Shares given to employees, directors or shareholders as a reward for performance or goals achieved.
What is Share Vesting?
An agreement to give shares to a person over a period of time, generally at an agreed price or target.
What are Good and Bad Leaver Clauses?
Clauses governing what happens when a shareholder wishes to or is required to leave the company.
What are Pre-emptive Share Rights & Anti-Dilution Share Issues?
Share issues that are given out to existing shareholders when new people are brought on board to keep the balance of shares and voting rights correct.
What are rights to Appoint Directors?
Giving certain shareholders the power to appoint Directors to the board.
What is Liquidation Preference?
When the company is Voluntarily Liquidated or wound up, a clause can be set to control the amount of assets/money a shareholder is entitled to.
What is Debt and Equity Capital?
A clause to govern how outstanding loans made to the business by shareholders are treated and if they can be converted into shares.