Company Secretarial Services


Our Company Secretarial Services cover a full range of options to support your company and its dealings between shareholders. 

While your Shareholder Agreement is a private internal document, some other publicly-accessibly items may be required to give the Shareholder Agreement validity. For example, if your Shareholder Agreement refers to different share classes, those share classes must legally exist by appearing on the company constitution held at the Companies Registration Office and other public filings may be required in order to create those shares if they do not already exist.

Another instance where you may need extra documentation is where you wish to bring a new shareholder into the company by way of an allotment of new shares or a transfer of existing shares. Both methods of bringing a new shareholder on board require different legal documents and some require statutory filings with the Companies Registration Office.

Being experienced with company secretarial matters, the team at can assist with many extra company secretarial services that your company may need in addition to your shareholder agreement such as the following:

  • Updates or changes to the company constitution
  • Resolutions and meeting minutes
  • Legal documentation required to transfer shares
  • Legal and statutory documentation required to issue new shares to investors or existing shareholders
  • Share restructures or changes in ownership
  • Filings to the Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO)
  • Submission of the Annual Return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO)

Should you require any of the additional services above, or something that is not listed, please Contact Us or call on 01-2405277 for competitive quote from our company secretarial team. When you are ordering your shareholder agreement, your Company Secretarial Expert will check your company’s filings with the CRO to ensure nothing else is required to give effect to the Shareholder Agreement.