Commissioner for Oaths


At, our in-house Commissioner for Oaths can verify and certify legal documents for clients where required. A Commissioner for Oaths is appointed by the Chief Justice in Ireland and can administer oaths along with affirming documents where required for any kind process.

The Commissioner for Oaths verifies the person before them are who they say they are, typically with a passport or other forms of identification. This service would be required when providing documentation to with any kind of affirmation, declaration, acknowledgement, examination or attestation. Similarly, any kind of court proceeding, or affidavit would require the same. A ‘Jurat’ or declaration as to the validity of the document and the person signing it is made by the commissioner on an affidavit or declaration where required.

At we can provide Commissioner for Oath services at our Dublin office location to verify any documentation associated with your company and officers within an entity. Should you require these services, simply contact the team on 01-2405277 or email