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Located in newly refurbished Dublin city centre location our qualified team will draft a bespoke shareholder agreement to your company’s specifications.

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Shareholders Agreement

Why does a Company need a Shareholders Agreement?

A Shareholders Agreement is a set of rules that the company establishes internally to govern how the ownership of the company operates. While the Constitution sets out what a company can do, the Shareholders Agreement secures the ownership against unrest. It is highly recommended that all companies have something formal in place to provide security for the future of the business. Any of a multitude of things can happen over the course of running a business – new investment, issuing share options, force majeure, disputes or death of a shareholder or someone moving on to a new chapter in life.


For over 21 years our expert team have been assisting SMEs and supporting them throughout the life of their business. Our service provides companies with a cost effective, efficient alternative to engaging a multipurpose legal firm with an efficient, customer centric approach. At, we aim to take the complexity out of securing your business, cutting out heavy legal jargon and making it easier for a company and for shareholders to put an agreement in place.

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